Our quality adventure; It starts with the supply of fabric and accessories and is carried out meticulously to the stage of shipment. Bihter Textile; In the garment industry as a counterpart to the word "quality" sees the integrity created with all the same precision. It is the quality to produce with excellent results at all stages. It keeps the at front plans from fabric to dyeing, from accessory to cutting, from dispatch to sewing, from logistics to dispatch and all other production stages. As a result of this integrity, we offer you a fully qualified quality. We do not only control quality, but we also provide quality at every stage of production. We plan to ensure that our processes are sufficient to provide our targets. Our quality team members make sure that a product or service is manufactured, applied, created or produced in the most accurate way to achieve a satisfactory result.

The product is meticulously examined by the Quality Department even if it is still in the model stage. Choosing the right material, using the right production techniques, will prevent from beginning an unwanted possible situation from happening. Problems encountered during model production shed light on the production stage, and thanks to the reports obtained, a problem-free production stage is prepared.