Bihter Textile; Since 2003, as a young, dynamic, innovative and experienced company which is serving as a ready-to-wear manufacturer of brands that direct European fashion has started to work on the brand of the domestic market in 2014 in order to bring a new color to the textile sector. Bihter Textile, which is going on its way with 3 brands that will cover all the concepts of classic and sporty, is making sure steps towards becoming a store by 2017. With years of experience, it has started to serve the domestic market with its new original concept that will blend European fashion with Turkish lines.

Bihter Textile; with its export quality, European fashion, general world trends, fabric designs and unique accessories aims to hit the Turkish textile market. Customer oriented production concept in the export market that it has been used for many years; serves as the founding philosophy of new brands. The concept from producers to consumers,the producer sees through both a local store and an e-store and aims to present it to its valued customers. Quality and satisfaction are the main elements that constitute our service understanding.Exports, brand products and custom manufacturing policies are entirely customer focused.

Bihter Textile has accepted that the one of the main activities is to act in accordance with the social and ethical rules in harmony with the expectations of its employees and enviroment, and realizes all its activities with this awareness. Bihter Textile respects the fundamental rights and freedoms of its employees and provides all its legal rights to its employees.



Bihter textile, which started exporting in the area of garments since 2003, customer sensitivities and term dates are the focus point, without compromising the quality of the optimum solution to adopt the principle.