With a computerized cutter system, cutting is performed in a precise manner, with no precautionary measures and no precise cutting, including the smallest parts.Bihter Textile carries out cutting with 2 Gerber spreader and 2 Gerber cutter in a total of 100 mt cutting track in all cuts. The slaughterhouse is delivered with production pastry. The slaughterhouse controller performs the cutting operation after the product has undergone various checks. Each piece of product is subjected to meto processing. The fabric defects determined during the fabric control phase are sorted out with the aim of separating one hundred percent by the sorting members and the product is made ready for sewing. If there is printing embroidery on the product, the printing press embroidery follower is commissioned and the necessary pieces are printed and embroidered with registration to receive the approval of the relevant modelist and customer representative.

With 25 years of experience and the highest quality brands in the world, Bihter Textile serves its customers with the highest quality that can be achieved with the experience of working for many years. Our company is able to produce all kinds of products in the best way with its expert staff equipped with the most modern technology. Specialized department managers have always gained appreciation of our clients. In addition, the importance we place on providing training as a company is at the highest level. In all departments, all the personnel are practiced through technical, vocational and social training.