Bihter textile, which started exporting in the area of garments since 2003, customer sensitivities and term dates are the focus point, without compromising the quality of the optimum solution to adopt the principle. In order to provide excellent service to its customers, it follows all the developments of the sector and continues to walk with sure steps with these innovations.

Bihter Textile offers minimum cost, maximum quality principles as standard service to its customers; export to areas in Europe and America. With years of experience, we have taken all the precautions against all possible mistakes that have dominated all export procedures and have fulfilled all international criteria for shipment.

Bihter Textile; by finishing sample, model and serial work to the highest level of shipment to the valued customers, and deliver the orders smoothly with the same fine workmanship in the production phase. You can contact us using our offer / request form for sample work, model work, price study and all other apparel export operations.



Bihter Textile, which is going on its way with 3 brands that will cover all the concepts of classic and sporty, is making sure steps towards becoming a store by 2017.