Bihter Textile provides its customers the highest quality that can be achieved with 25 years of experience and experience of working with the best quality brands of the world for many years. Our department, Bihter Textile, as our department doing production to the highest quality and timely delivery. All products are packed after 100% control and then tested according to AQL 2,5 standards by independent quality assurance experts before shipment and shipped to the customers with the leading shipping companies of the sector.

Products shipped to the packaging department are checked once more. Before commencing the process, the product passes through controls such as size, robustness, accessory uniformity, and is subjected to the compaction process. During this process, with the help of Data Sheets, the accessory can be mounted on the product with the necessary strength. Afterwards, yarn clearing, ironing, size control, intermediate quality control and hundred percent incompetition departments fulfill their functions and the product is parceled for shipment or shipped to the customer.