One of our core strategies is the excellence of the supply chain. Regardless of their volume, all customer orders are produced only after they have the correct production chain. Our greatest helpers for the right production are our experience and our technology.

Quality - Products

Our quality adventure; It starts with the supply of fabric and accessories and is carried out meticulously to the stage of shipment.

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Design - Trend

Our design group follows the special collections of Tokyo, Los Angeles, Milan, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris and London and street fashion very closely...

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Model Making

The mold phase is one of the important steps. The necessary spreading operations are carried out by expert modelists in the field, the pull values are applied.

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Cutting - Sewing

With a computerized cutter system, cutting is performed in a precise manner, with no precautionary measures and no precise cutting, including the smallest parts.

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Printing - Accesories

All printing methods used in ready-to-wear sector; we use between 1-12 colors. We produce vigor, yarn, weaving and knitting presses with all printing techniques such as CMYK, waterbased and discharge.

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With HT-Jet Dyeing Machines in capacities ranging from 25 kg to 900 kg all kinds of cotton, polyamide, polyester, viskon, modal, tencel, bamboo, polyester and silk, cashmere, wool, angora, linen and...

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Iron Package

Bihter Textile provides its customers the highest quality that can be achieved with 25 years of experience and experience of working with the best quality brands of the world for many years.

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In today's commercial structure, the smoothness of the shipment process is also important as well as the smoothness of the product.

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Bihter textile, which started exporting in the area of garments since 2003, customer sensitivities and term dates are the focus point, without compromising the quality of the optimum solution to adopt the principle.